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Under layer drawer

How to organize a drawer for your top under layer (the pieces ladies use as our base!)

organize your under garments
base layers

We don't walk out of the house polished and pretty without some effort. I know I don't! I have to plan my outfits at least a few days in advance if not the night before. I make it really simple by having all my clothing pieces organized by type and color. I start with the pants and choose a shirt or maybe it's a tunic and leggings. No matter what something has to go underneath. Those bulge smoothing, keep me cool or keep me warm staples that women wear underneath an outfit to look nice and be comfortable. This organizing guide is for organizing day to day underclothes so you can put together an outfit quickly.

1. Start with an empty drawer.

start with a clean, empty area
empty drawer

Step 2. Add an organizing system to the drawer that meets your needs. I used two plastic bins from my local dollar store. I recycled the lids. If you chose this method, consider leaving the lids underneath the bin in the drawer in case you want to re-purpose them later. There's many options for drawer organizers depending on your storage space and budget. A great product out now are expandable drawer dividers that will fit most any drawers. The classic cloth version is also a good choice.

keep items separate
add drawer dividers

Step 3. Fold bras in half and add to one container. Keep like colors together.

organized by color
bra organization

Step 4.

Roll up any specialty items. In my case that's some Spanx.

keep special duty undergarments separate so they are easy to find
roll special duty items

Step 5. Fold and roll up cotton under shirts. I wear tank tops the most underneath my top layers but this works for shirts with sleeves as well. Lay the shirt flat and fold in half. Fold the arm pit area again so the width of the shirt is same all the way down.

control wrinkles in drawers
fold tanks to be an even width

Step 6. Fold the shirt a third of the way.

control wrinkles in drawers
tank folded a third down

Step 7. Start at the top of the shirt and roll it up.

control drawer wrinkles
tank rolled up

Step 9. Transfer the rolled up tanks or t-shirts to the second drawer organizer.

optimize drawer space
tank tops rolled up in drawer

You did it! Enjoy being able to find what you need.



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