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Here's what my clients have to say about their experience

Julie S.

Teresa was punctual, easy to work with, and a very hard worker. S he gave me a lot of value per buck spent. Very easy to converse with and very patient with me when I was frustrated about what to get rid of. I appreciate how she was able to respond to my call right away and I didn’t have to wait very long for an appointment. I would definitely recommend her to others. You won’t be disappointed.

Lana W.

Teresa accomplished more in four hours than I could have in four months. She is a walking wonder woman! She is very kind, sweet, and pleasant to work with. She is not pushy or demanding. I loved working with her and look forward to our next session.


Janet J.

I had a hip replacement 7 1/2 weeks prior to needing this help for a downsizing move. And my husband has a great deal of trouble parting with things. Teresa kept an eye on me, encouraging me to sit, or let her do things for me. And she was able to work with my husband in a respectful way and help him part with items. We got s LOT done! Money is tight for us right now, but Teresa is worth every penny! I’d hire her again in a second, and may very well go so, a week before the moving truck arrives!

Nina K.

The best experience ever! My closets and drawers are perfect. Thank you so so much.

Katie M.

NW Organizer helped me stage my condo for selling, pack and unpack in the new condo. She went above and beyond making sure my fridge filter was hooked up and other things she wasn't hired for as i was so stressed out the day we unpacked. My place looks great. I can find everything and it makes sense! I'm recommending her to my friends.

Tammi D.

It was a good experience. I learned how to tackle my chaotic spaces from start to finish so I can work through more areas on my own (hopefully) Teresa knew what could be donated and hauled it away. The other items I have a plan for now. I have two more sessions scheduled. Working in 4 hours sessions is perfect for me. 


Taylor L.

Teresa was so funny. She kept sending my husband and I back to our own corners! We completed the garage makeover and storage area in six hours without fighting about anything! We both wish we had had her come 2 years ago. It's amazing transformation. 


Jamie L.

It was a joy to work with Teresa. She was very friendly and easy to chat with while we organized. The area of my apartment that we worked on looks amazing and I could not have gotten it looking anywhere near as good as she did on my own. She helped me get rid of things that I’m no longer using and took them away with her which was really helpful and convenient. I recommend her highly and will definitely hire her again in the future.

Kelly K.

Teresa is wonderful. She has a great approach for helping put things in the proper place. She also encourages you to think about what to keep va not keep. I’ll use her services again and I’ll tell everyone I know to use her services too. Great job.

Amelia J.

Theresa was fabulous. She took my absolute mess of a home office and made it functional and clean in less than four hours! I have organized office supplies and system for work receipts so that I can easily do my expense reports. She also helped me organize my IKEA square wall units in my bedroom, and I have some much more storage space. Worth every penny. If you’re serious about getting your home or office in usable shape, Theresa is a safe bet to get you there.

Jirina T.

Fantastic. We organized my son’s room with ease. Both of my bathrooms were also tidy after our first session. I highly recommend NW Organizer. The results will amaze you.

Melanie B.

She has been a big help. We are not done yet. One step at a time. Looking forward to continuing to work with her.

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