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Important Disclosures and Policies to keep things above board.


Comment Policy Disclosure:


Thumper’s rule applies:  If you can’t say sumthin’ nice don’t say nuthin’ at all.

Ideas – even disagreement – are welcome, when expressed with grace and tact. NW Organizer will remove or edit any comment that is malicious, offensive, spam, or inappropriate to the focus of this site. Any individual that repeatedly violates the Comment Policy will be permanently blocked. All comments are manually approved. They may not appear on the site immediately.


Disclosure Statement:


Products may be provided free of charge by the advertiser for my review. If so, this will be clearly noted in the post. This does not ensure a positive review.  I will give my honest opinion.

Creating inspiring, helpful content is the goal of this blog. Affiliate links and advertising generate a small income to offset the time and energy I put into NW Organizer.

Please be aware that the advertisements are generated by your internet activity and are not controlled by NW Organizer. I use third-party advertising companies that serve ads when you visit the site. These companies use your search information to provide ads about goods and services you may be interested in.

I am not responsible for the actions of advertisers or sponsors of this blog. If you buy a service or product from one of the site’s advertisers or sponsors based on a comment or link on this blog, you must take action directly with that company to resolve any issues.


Amazon Associate:


NW Organizer is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program. Some links on NW Organizer will be affiliated with this program. If you click a link and make a purchase (a book, for instance) I earn a small commission on those sales. There is no extra cost to you. This pays the expenses of my website. Thank you for your support.


Privacy Policy Disclosure:


NW Organizer will not share or sell your personal information to third parties.

You can turn off internet use of cookies at any time by changing your specific browser settings on your computer.


Like most internet websites, an analytics program will collect and use data in log files. This information can include; your internet address, your internet provider service, the browser you landed on my site from, the time you visited and the pages you visited while on the site. All this information is collected to provide statistics on general blog page visits. This is done by the search engine, not individual websites.

If you share personal info (your name, email address, etc.) in the body of your comment this info is visible to anyone reading the comments. We are not responsible for the privacy practices of other blog commenters or readers of the blog comments.

By submitting your photos and comments (by email, mail, in the comments or by any other means) you’re giving permission for NW Organizer to use those photos and your comments – unless explicitly stated not to do so. We will credit you and your blog if applicable.

This privacy policy is subject to change at any time without notice.


Terms of Condition of Use:

NW Organizer is maintained for your entertainment only. You may download, copy and use the information for non-commercial, personal use only. You browse and use the information at your own risk.

NW Organizer, (nor any other guest author providing content) is not liable for direct, incidental, indirect, consequent or punitive damages arising from your access to, or use of the information on this site. NW Organizer assumes no liability for omissions or errors in the content on this site.

I reserve the right to add/delete content, change the focus of the blog, shut the blog down, sell it or change it at our discretion.

Copyright Policy:

All images and content on this site are the copyright of NW Organizer. You may not use them as your own. We appreciate Pinterest pins. You may also use 2-3 photos from NW Organizer with a linked source back to the blog post it came from. For other questions please contact me.

This page was last updated on June 7, 2018

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