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Living room organization

This post will show you ways to create vignettes in your living room. It's pronounced "vin yet". Don't be offended if you knew that. I had to look up how to spell it! A definition is: a small decorative design or picture placed just so.

The idea is to take a small portion of a room such as a corner and add just enough items to create a vignette. Doing one small space at a time isn't so overwhelming. Remove clutter as you do that small portion.

Tip 1. Keep vignettes to five pieces or less.

In the example below, I grouped pictures together and added a tall plant to the corner to bring the eye up. There's only one picture on the table.

Tip 2. A single decorative object on a surface can be seen and appreciated as it's not caught in the middle of many other items.

minimal decorating
decorating a corner to add height

Before you know it, the entire room will be complete.

full shelves are ok not overflowing ones
completely finished living room

In the example above the shelves are full of the owner's books and personal keepsakes. This works because all the items are kept in one localized area. Each couch has four pillows as the grouping or "vignette" when I remember to use my fancy words, is following the five items tip.

Tip 3. Filling up a bookcase is ok. Just don't overflow it. All items should be designated to the shelving area and the rest of the room clutter free.

orange vignette in living room
Orange grouping

In this example, I chose a color theme and grouped those items together.

A planter is holding the magazine collection. Get one in several finishes and sizes here. The collection can only consist of what fits in the planter.

Again, there is only one picture on the table. It has red and orange in it, so the fire extinguisher fits right in. This is where form meets function. My kitchen is right by this vignette. If there's a fire, I'm ready!

Ten years ago I would have gasped to see gold and silver finishes in the same room. It's all the rage now.

Tip 4. It's ok to use a lot of color. Group like colors together for a streamlined feel over all. Mixing finishes is ok too.

Here I used a mix of finishes, shiny gold, matte gold and chrome. A floor lamp was added for light of course! It also adds the height needed in the corner. Two pillows are at the ready for extra company to plop down on the hearth. I'm really into acrylic furniture right now. It's so inexpensive and versatile. Get your clear chair here. It also comes in a ton of translucent colors.

I would love to see your finished vignettes. As always comments are welcome.



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