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Hide a chain link fence

Yikes! Who wants to look out their window and see this? For those DIY folks that want the fast version (I'm that person sometimes. I get it!) Buy some tarps and cable ties and cover your fence. Everyone else read on for the cheapest way I found to cover a chain link fence. I'll share the details of how to make it an easy project. NO TOOLS ARE NEEDED!

I took this picture of a property while walking my dog. It's actually much worse at my house. I didn't want to call my neighbors out by posting a picture of their driveway, including the broken car with the word Bacon spray painted across it. (I suppose the Bacon family might be on to me anyway if they read this!)

It took me an hour to complete this project. Originally, I purchased enough tarps to cover the entire back fence. There’s an online tarp company that has a huge selection of colors, sizes and materials. I’m not affiliated or sponsored by I simply think it’s a great resource. I attached the link to the actual version I purchased. These were only $5.95 for a 5x7 tarp. It was less than $60 to cover 70 feet of fence.

Hiding a chain link fence
Completed fence project

These items can also be ordered from Amazon. This option is green which might blend with your landscape better.

Keep in mind when you measure your fence and decide what size to order that the description usually reads 6 inches bigger than the tarp actually is. It’s ok to have the tarp a little smaller than the area you want to cover but it won’t work if they are bigger then your fence is tall.

For instance my fence is 5 ft tall. The tarp I ordered is 5x7 ft. That means the finished size of the tarp is 4.5X6.5 If you're not sure what size tarp to buy, contact me. I'm happy to walk you through it!

How do you attach the tarp? Cable ties of course! Save yourself a trip to the store and get a package here. When you choose cable ties, otherwise known as zip ties you will need at least four for each tarp. I recommend you choose ones that are at least ten inches. They are easier to work with and give you more options of which chain link to attach it to.

Simply loop the zip tie through the grommet on the corner of the tarp and then through a link in the fence where you want the tarp to be placed. Pull the zip tie tight and continue for all four corners. There are grommets all the way around the tarps. You can use as many zip ties as you want. Once the tarps are securely attached to the fence you can cut of the extra zip tie length with regular scissors. I left mine long for an industrial look. (It's possible I didn't want to go back inside and get the scissors!)

As time has gone on I have had to replace a couple. In both instances it was because my dog went crazy trying to get a opossum running along the fence and he ripped a tarp with his claws or teeth in the process. Those times I replaced them with some from a neighborhood store since I just needed one. Besides dog damage this system has withstood four years so far of the Pacific Northwest wind, sun, rain and mildew that grows on everything.

The two tarps that got ripped were still intact enough that I reused them on the ground as weed barrier. I was on my way to buy a roll of plastic ground cover when I remembered the tarps stuffed in the garbage can. I pulled them back out and they have worked great under cedar chips.



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