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Go vertical! glass cookware and storage

I fit all this on two cupboard shelves. Think- 2ft. wide and 1ft. deep times two. I have 4ft. of space to devote to these items. The math alone is daunting! Every item needs to be easily accessible. It doesn't work to remove 4 things to get the one casserole dish I need and a matching lid; then put the other 4 things back. That's how unmanageable clutter starts. I alleviated the math. Read on to get tips on how to maximize your space with the items you need to grab. Plus- no measuring tape or math needed. If you can count to 15- you've got this!

how to fit all your glass cookware and glass storage containers in the cupboard
Before - a lot of glass cookware

everything fits and is easily accessible
After - an organized cupboard

Step 1. Start with a clean, bare cabinet. Literally- remove the shelves and shelf pegs that hold them up. If you need more pegs, these are my favorites. They don't have an edge that lays on the side of the cupboard so the shelves don't get held up on the edges. These pegs do come in different circumferences. Just be aware so you don't order a size that's too big or small. I don't know how these pegs disappear but I have seen it time after time- The three legged cupboard shelf with glass precariously hanging off the edge! Trust me- you need four per shelf.

Step 2. Narrow your items down to the ones that you are keeping in "this" cupboard. Every lid should have a dish. Items that don't belong here need to be moved out.

Step 3. Starting at the top of the cupboard (ceiling) hold your largest item vertically and count how many peg holes it will use up. Add one peg hole to account for the shelf height. Set your item back down. Insert a peg. Repeat this process going down the cupboard until you have used up your row of peg holes. Once you have determined where the shelves should go, (a cupboard usually has two to three shelves) insert the rest of the pegs needed on all four sides of the cupboard to hold the shelves up.

Step 4. Put the shelves back. Important: This step should be completed before you add any items back. Sometimes you have to angle one shelf to get in the next. It's a pain to find this out after you have filled up the offending shelf.

Add all shelves first. It takes space to angle them and place them in the cupboard.
adding a shelf to the cupboard

As you can see it takes a bit of room to get a shelf back in at an angle so it will easily lay flat on your shelf pegs.

store glass bakeware vertically to maximize space
glass cookware stored vertically

Step 5. Now that the shelves are in place start adding items. I started with the tallest items as pictured above. Everything else just quickly found it's spot.

Important: The reason to start at the top with the tallest items is to use all the height in your cupboard but still be able to reach the items. This a great tip for any cupboard or top shelf that's harder to reach. Choose items that are tall and not too heavy to reach and grab. This post is meant to give you ideas of items that can fit that criteria by storing them vertically.

Keep reading to see how I managed to take storing things vertically one step further.

If you have some awkward to store items, like I do, using magazine files is my go to. Hard, plastic ones work well in the kitchen. Wherever you get these, choose some that only have a back and a bottom.

uses for magazine files and how to store awkward kitchen items
magazine files

I purposely chose pink ones to match my pink kitchen ceiling. Are you as horrified as the contractor was?

go bold with ceiling paint
pink ceiling

Don't worry neutral kinda folks. I got your back. Get these in black, clear, blue, or if you also want to add a little girly girl to your cupboards here's the pink. I'll show you how I used them.

how to store baking sheet liners
store baking sheet liners

I rolled up my collection of baking sheet liners and stored them vertically in one magazine holder.

This picture also clearly shows how the holders have a back and bottom only.

Please note that I am a professional organizer. I don't claim to be a photographer or dog trainer, obviously! I guess if I set something on the floor it's free game!

I used the second holder from the pack of two to hold up pie dishes.

how to store pie plates or pie dishes vertically
store pie dishes or pie plates

If you want to tackle another cupboard try my ideas on pots and pan storage. This post also contains some tips and info on shelf liner.



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