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Cooking Pots-Best way to store them

Updated: Jun 28, 2018

Has everyone heard pots and pans shouldn't be stored on top of each other? It causes damage. I found out I was doing it wrong. Whether you have inexpensive cookware, high end cookware or anything in between; you want it to last and not ruin the eggs, right? I also need what I use most easy to grab.

This is a no no...

Here's my tips to store them separately and still fit everything.

1. Get rid of any items, that 1. don't belong in this cupboard or 2. that you don't need to keep. I'm thinking of the non-stick pan that everything sticks to!

2. I know I'm lucky that my cupboards are new and not hard on the eyes. It's on my to do list to add shelf liner so they stay that way. Scrub down the cupboard first and then cover with a removable shelf liner if you choose to. You can get a roll here that is removable. This roll is 20 ft. so you can do many cupboards. No matter where you get shelf liner keep in mind that if you don't want to measure and cut a lot (for me that equals a lot of wasted product as I measure five times and still must cut twice!) purchase a roll that measures 24". Most base cabinets are 24" deep and top cabinets are 12". Notice I used the term removable shelf liner. That’s my own preference as contact paper and I haven’t gotten along since the 90’s but if you want peel and stick it does come in a lot more fun color options and patterns. High gloss gold, for instance. I'm against the sticky not the gold! Check it out here.

3. Sort your pots and pans into two categories. Items you use on a regular basis and the items that rarely get used.

4. The items that you rarely use should be stored at the back of the cabinet. In my case I love to eat fancy French sauces but I'll never make one. So, this little guy gets shoved all the way back. Actually, it appears almost new with a dusty lid. What it this tiny pot for? Anyone?

5. Turn smaller pots sideways. You can easily see which one they are, grab the one you want and are able to fit more than if you set them on their bottoms.

6. Turn fry pans so they "spoon" each other. Feel the love in this cupboard?

7. Ah... The cookware is safely stored. If you tackle this project pat yourself on the back, then submit pictures of your finished project. It will be fun to see if anyone went with gold shelf liner.



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